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Communication plays a vital role in your business ,personal life and relationship!

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

Helps with Diversity

Effective workplace communication is important in companies with workplace diversity. Good communication skills help to reduce the barriers erected because of language and cultural differences. Companies that provide communication training to domestic and international employees reap the benefits of effective workplace communication. Companies can avoid cultural confusion and miscommunication by training international employers early in their careers and on a regular basis. Effective communication causes productivity to increase, errors to decrease and operations to run smoother.

Global Business

With global business transactions continually increasing, the need for effective communication to meet global demands is also increasing. Managers and employees must know how to effectively communicate with the company’s international counterparts. The difference in cultures requires managers to understand terms commonly used in America that another culture finds offensive. Companies that prepare workers to excel with verbal and nonverbal communications skills find it easier to enter into global marketplaces than companies that do not prepare its employees. Effective communication is important for businesses looking to expand beyond its domestic borders.

Team Building

Effective communication in the workplace helps employees and managers form highly efficient teams. Employees are able to trust each other and management. Effective communication reduces unnecessary competition within departments and helps employees work together harmoniously. The result of a team that works together is high productivity, integrity and responsibility. Employees know their roles on the team and know they are valued. Managers are able to correct employees’ mistakes without creating a hostile work environment. A manager who openly communicates with his subordinates can foster positive relationships that benefit the company as a whole.

Employee Morale

An improvement in employee morale can result from effective communication. Although pay is a concern for many workers, it is not their only concern. Employees appreciate good communication coming from management. It produces a healthy work environment. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they are able to efficiently perform their duties with a positive attitude. Failing to communicate effectively in a workplace leads to frustration and confusion among employees. However, managers can alleviate such problems by keeping the lines of communication open.

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The History of the iconic Coca Cola Sign

Uncategorized December 26, 2016

As Coca-Cola turns 130 this year, archivist Justine Fletcher tells the story behind the brand’s iconic sign at Piccadilly Circus, and how it’s been lighting up the streets of London for more than 60 years.

More than 60 years ago, the famous Coca-Cola sign turned on at Piccadilly Circus. It stood 44 feet tall and stretched 44 feet wide, had nearly a mile of neon, and weighed 5,000 pounds. Built by British company, Claude-General Neon Lights, Ltd., and placed in the most iconic area of London, Piccadilly Circus, the sign found a home among other neon signs of the times.

The current Coca-Cola sign features state-of-the-art technology. It started in 1954 as a simpler version with a 17- second timing sequence spelling out “Have a Coke”, followed by yellow, double-outline tubes showcasing the words, “Delicious” and “Refreshing”. Finally, the Coca-Cola trademark would appear as the lights spiraled around in a circle.s

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“I would not, by any far away stretch of the imagination, do away with the Piccadilly Circus sign. I am sure it has added to the extraordinary quality of Coca-Cola all over the world.”

That sign with the clean design and powerful message sat between the Every Ready Batteries and Guinness neon signs, while thousands of people and cars moved through the busy intersection. Often referred to as a “Spectacular Sign” these large signs appealed to the eye with their mass, color and action, and made for an exciting and unusual display.

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Why Piccadilly Circus?

The area began as a link between Piccadilly and Regent Street. The tube opened at Piccadilly Circus in 1906, and Perrier became the first advertiser two years later.

Many other signs soon appeared, and visitors were awed with signs from Wrigley’s Chewing Gum, Gordon Gin, Army Club Cigarettes, Schweppes Tonic Water and, of course, Coca-Cola. More than 50 brands have advertised in Piccadilly Circus, with Coca-Cola being in Piccadilly the longest of any advertiser.

Photos: See How our Iconic Sign Was Made

The building and installation of the sign is chronicled in a leather-bound photo album in the Coca-Cola archives. The black-and-white images inside document the workers who made the sign from draft board to finished product.

Photos show sheet metal being cut with machines, workers painting the metal and installing the neon tubing. On site, scaffolding rose into the air as workers installed the sign in large sections until the final piece was placed and the sign was lit.

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Five Years Later…

Despite its beauty, and the millions of tourists and passersby who viewed it, at one time Coca-Cola executives questioned the advertising value versus the cost of maintaining the sign.

Several executives in the Export Corporation of Coca-Cola in New York considered taking the sign down due to costs just five years after it was erected. In 1959, Delony Sledge, Coca-Cola’s advertising director, wrote a letter to Paul Austin, then head of the Export Corporation, strongly stating the value of the sign.

Sledge wrote, “I would not, by any far away stretch of the imagination, do away with the Piccadilly Circus sign. I am sure it has added to the extraordinary quality of Coca-Cola all over the world… It is the type of extraordinary thing which competition has found difficult to match. It is costly, of course, but it is worth the money.” 

He continued, “If we, in presenting Coca-Cola to our consumers, are content to do ordinary things, in an ordinary way, we must of necessity be content to become and remain, an ordinary product.”

Sixty years have since passed, and a Coca-Cola sign still lights up the night at Piccadilly Circus. At the crossroads of one of the most famous advertising spots in the world, it’s easy to say, it is far from ordinary, Mr. Sledge.

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Shadfem News December 21, 2016


In selling, the words to take note of are “buy” ,” buyer” and “buying”..
In modern days, we regard selling process as the buying process.
It will be practically impossible for a salesman to sell anything unless he can condition the mind of the prospect (potential buyer) so that the prospect buys.
Note that, a sale cannot be made unless the mind of the buyer undergoes a change of mind towards the product/service. You get?

The major task of the salesman is to know how to change the mind of the customer and this can be achieved by making the right impression on the mind of the prospect. Also take note that, a bad product will sell once.

There are 6 key concepts that a salesman must understand before he can rightly answer that basic question: HOW DO BUYERS CHOOSE?
The concepts include :
1. Selective perception
2. The buying motives
3. The hierarchy of effects
4. Post- purchase dissonance
5. Buy tasks and buy phases
6. The characteristics of goods

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Uncategorized December 19, 2016


The following questions should be answered before we can come to a conclusion that we are in a reformed society.

1. What does reforming means?

2. Are the youths ready to reform the society?

3. Who are the youths?

4. What does the society stands for?


A reformed society is a society which has the following characteristics :

-Positive individuals

-Hard working individuals




-Well channeled religion

-Crime free

-Existence of education etc

Reforming is a process of improving, advancing, changing the situation of things, politics, and society.

The youths are ready to reform the society,  positively .

‘The youths are the group of teenagers. The term teenager is often considered synonymous with youth. Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity). It is also defined as “the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit, etc., characteristic of one who is young”

On the other hand,  the society is the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community.


From the explanation above,  the society is you and I.

The society can only be reformed or we can only have a reformed society, if the youths or members of the so called society are reformed,  mentally, and physically.



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Marketing Literature

Uncategorized December 19, 2016

✅what it means and how it works?

Marketing literature, also known as collateral, means the image, packaging, and suit you give a product. It entails the orientation you want people, both potential and existing, to have about your products or services.
The idea behind this literature is ‘The silent sale man’. That is, the point of attraction for your product.

Your company’s or personal literature should have the following, accordingly :
A- Attention
I- Interest
D- Desire
A- Action

see diagram :

Attention Interest
-product -physical appearance and content
-price -affordable price based on economic value
-place -easy to reach
-promotion -coupons, buy 6 and take one for free

Desire Action
-consumer loyalty -Regular buyer ie customer
-re-buy -patronage
product/service spread through person-to-person advertisement -creates more awareness

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