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Goods you can buy

Shadfem News March 24, 2017

The types of goods you can buy!

Types of goods in marketing
Convenience Goods

These are goods which are available to the consumer at their convenience. The goods come in different varieties and are affordable to buy. Convenience goods are normally non durable, and are of a low value,eg,biscuits,sweets, etc. This type of goods can be classified into 2 categories,namely :

Staple convenience goods:
These are goods that are planned for before entering a store or supermarket and these include bread, milk, paper etc.

Impulsive convenience goods: The impulsive convenience goods are purchased without any prior planning. Examples include chips, candies, soft drinks, wafers, ice creams etc.

Shopping Goods

The shopping goods are the products or goods that a buyer purchases after carrying out a thorough comparison of the same product but from different shops, stores or outlets. Consumers do this sometimes to be sure of what they are buying. Buying decision comes after being satisfied with the product. These goods have more value than that of the convenience goods and they are bought occasionally and are durable. Buying decisions revolve around the price of the good, shape, color, size, quality etc. Examples include computer, TV,equipment etc.

Specialty Goods

The unique and unusual products are specialty goods, which are at least mapped in the customer’s mind. The buyer know exactly how much effort he has to exert to obtain it – normally these are of high value and the may not, or may be durable. The price is not amongst the chief considerations so these differ a bit from the shopping goods. Examples are of automobiles, jewelry, antiques.

Unsought Goods
Consumers don’t think of buying these kind of goods but they do buy out of the emergence to use it or the risk that may likely be prevented if it is bought.
This category is really a specific category of the consumer goods where the people do not have any desire to shop the product. They normally do not have any need, but instead of to be used on some special occasions.
Eg fire extinguisher, reference materials, drugs, etc

Necessity goods
These are goods which consumer cannot do without buying on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The goods are bought on the basis of necessity. Eg water, food items, etc

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